Adam is an American skydiver born and raised in southern Texas. His passion for flying started back in 2010 at the age of 18 after having done a couple of tandem jumps. It was then clear to him that skydiving was his passion and he started his AFF course. Not long after, he started his indoor skydiving career at iFLY as an Instructor. After nearly 5 years working as an instructor he got out of his comfort zone and started working for himself, travelling the world and coaching tunnel flying and skydiving.

When Adam isn’t working he enjoys spending time with friends and family, his husky Kona and a good book. He’s a lover of good coffee and more importantly good Ramen. His love for Aussie culture and slang is what brought him to us. We have known Adam for many years now and he has shown LVN so much support, it’s only natural to have him as part of the team.