Base also known as Mad Dog is 15yr old born and bred Gold Coast climber and adventurer. Base was born into an adventurous family that participates in an array of outdoor sports and activities, he was first introduced to climbing by his parents Mark “Lucch” & Porowini when he was just 7 years old. Base started off as an outdoor sport climber leading his first sport route at the age of 8 and would eventually climb outdoors every season travelling to New Zealand and Thailand on regular climbing trips, he soon discovered that he had passion for Bouldering. When an indoor bouldering gym opened near his house he got a membership and started climbing almost everyday. This saw Base quickly becoming a super strong and competitive climber and he started competing in 2022. Like his mum and dad Base has a huge passion for extreme sports and outdoor activities, for his 10th birthday he did his first tandem skydive and bungee jump. He has since done 4 jumps and plenty of tunnel time and packing of parachutes in preparation for when he is old enough to get his licence, he loves nothing more than being outdoors and adventuring with his family. The Mad Dog is looking forward to a huge year of competition in 2023 and travelling to some of Australia and the world’s best climbing destinations. LVN has been supporting Base since he was almost too small for our clothes and we are stoked to have him officially on the LVN Dream team.

INSTAGRAM – @mad_dog_lucchiari