• James Garner (Outside Centre) 1500 Jumps, 110 tunnel hrs
  • Luke Rogerson (Inside Centre) 1010 Jumps, 100 tunnel hrs
  • Nathan Ravenscroft (Tail) 1320 Jumps, 130 tunnel hrs
  • Andrew Ravenscroft (Point) 1020 Jumps, 150 tunnel hrs
  • Greg Whitehead (Camera) 750 Jumps, 380 tunnel hrs

Block Party was formed in 2018 – a collective of dedicated flyers who

have grown and evolved together over the last five years. Block Party

was inspired to fly together by Dan Smith who was flying on Australian

VFS team Focus at the time. The team has dedicated a significant amount of time and personally financed their training towards refining and building on their skills. The

efforts delivered in spades – seeing a significant improvement in their

competition average of 12.3 at the 2023 Australian Skydiving National

Championships. Block Party has well moved past simple team mates – and consider themselves a Block Party family (especially the two that are already

related). The close-knit team even joined Nathan for his wedding in October 2019,

where James hosted the celebration as the marriage celebrant.

Our aim is certain when it comes to our flying future as a team – we are driven to

excel in the discipline of VFS and become stalwarts for skydiving as a whole. Our

passion is unwavering and our desire is resolute – Block Party aims to be the

next Australian VFS champions.

INSTAGRAM – @blockparty.vfs