BURN are mates first, a team second. They are some of Australia’s best coaches and load organisers who collectively have done over 30,000 skydives. They all share similar interests, goals and passion for progression and evolution, teaching and of course skydiving whilst having the most fun possible. Formed in 2022 in Tommy Siera and Atawai Charteris brain lab with the goal to provide epic media content. With some of the best skydivers in Australia the boys are providing consistent top level coaching, epic events and insane footage with no sign of them slowing down anytime soon. Youll see the boys at the local DZ throwing down some freestyle on landing, ripping at the tunnel, surfing in Bali, BASE jumping in the mountains, sideflying at every opportunity they get and even landing their parachute on the back of a motorbike. If you see them without LVN gear on theyre probably naked. The BURN members consist of 5 load organisers / coaches, Rob Wylie, Ryan Dudderidge, Scotty Hiscoe, the Brazier Brothers and their dedicated outside camera and media production team, Tommy Siera, Atawai Charteris and Dave Hyndman.