Garet grew up in Michigan and started skydiving in 2009. He has over 7,000 jumps in his 13 years of skydiving. He moved to Chicago, IL in 2014 to work for iFLY and became the Lead Instructor and went on to become an Examiner. He started flying aeroplanes in 2019 and is now a Commercial Pilot flying for Skydive Midwest. He’s currently still coaching in wind tunnels throughout the US, hosting angle camps, organising records, and flying jumpers at dropzones. Now he is training for the Airlines to become an airline pilot. Apart from flying his body and planes he loves Jiu jitsu, fitness, shooting, and travelling amongst other things. Garet’s a nine time world record holder, a dynamic and VFS gold medalist, flies a tiny canopy, an AFF instructor, has more sponsors than you can poke a stick at and is just an all round great guy.