Reed started his skydiving journey in 2012 at the age of 18. He instantly found a sense of freedom and uncovered a natural understanding of how to control his body in this environment. A year and a half later he became a member of the first set of instructors in Australia’s first wind tunnel,  iFLY Downunder. Straight away he felt a deep affinity with the wind tunnel, quickly gearing his whole life around progression inside the glass walls. Late 2016 Reed spread his wings and began travelling overseas to discover where the combination of skydiving and tunnel flying could take him. He gained invaluable experience running tunnel camps in the USA and began his foray into coaching in the sky. Since then he has continually honed his coaching skills in both mediums. He spent years living in Europe and loved being immersed in the busy summer skydiving season that that part of the world had to offer. These days you’ll find him at iFLY Melbourne, back in his home country, constantly finding joy in the endless adventure of bodyflight and searching for a feeling of precision and ease in the wind tunnel, and also in the sky at some of Australia’s premier skydiving events.