Robs is an Aussie and began skydiving and indoor skydiving instructing/coaching seven years ago. He is an AFF & Tandem instructor with over 3100 skydives. He grew up on a farm in Grafton, New South Wales. He grew up doing sports which include rugby, water skiing, wakeboarding, barefooting, riding motos, cliff/bridge diving or just building rope swings and ramps to jetty jump.  Always on a mission to keep learning and developing. In 2016 he completed his AFF at Ramblers Skydivers and it directed his life onto a better path. He moved to the USA and Canada and completed a further 300 before moving to Whistler on a work visa to adventure into snow sports for the first time. After a few months he was flying to Toronto to become an Indoor skydiving instructor. During that time he found his love for BASE Jumping and has made over 200 BASE jumps. His biggest achievement would be participating in the 200-way vertical world record in Chicago. before moving to New Zealand. Covid brought him home to Australia where he is now based in Melbourne at iFLY as an instructor as well as Skydive Australia. Rob’s focus is firmly set on Free-Fly coaching and load organising. He now is part of the newly established Australian skydiving team called BURN Perspective. Love having Rob as part of the team. He’s come a long way in the past 7 years and we are excited to see his skill level keep growing.